Youtubess or Youtube

By | October 31, 2017

Youtubess or Youtube – Which is correct? :

Youtubess is a common error.

Youtube is the correct spelling.

Eighteen thousand people search Youtubess instead of  Youtube per month, according to statistics from Ahref and Google keyword planner , eight thousand from Kwfinder . Most of them are Indonesian, the remaining are American, Mexican, Brazilan, …

Thousands of people per month enter Youtubess dot com on their web browser instead of Youtube dot com.

Because of the hurry, so many people type the wrong keyword when searching, although they know “they are wrong”.

The Search engines will help them do the rest, specifically: It will suggest the correct keyword.

However, the suggestion is not always correct. Sometimes this makes you very uncomfortable.

To fix this problem, we can choose the “correct search”, enter your keywords in quotation marks, example :”Youtubess”, “keyword”… Or simply click on the keyword (in this example is Youtubess) you want to search when the search engine suggests :

Showing results for Youtube
Search instead for Youtubess

The results were as image above

Take advantage of many people searching for the wrong keyword, hackers have redirected them to fake sites, for the purpose of stealing their account information or their credit card information. To avoid this, you should carefully check the URL before sign in your account or install the antivirus software for the browser. If you are logged in on a fake page, you should change your password immediately, if you entered credit card information, please contact the bank to temporarily lock your card.

Millions of people search for other wrong keywords every day, most of them are keywords related to famous brands or singers, example Facebook (Fecebook, Feceboook), Hotmail (Hotmai, Hotmal), Google (Goggle, Googel), Yahoo (Yaho, Yahoo),…We will have specific statistics in the next article.

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